Permanent hair removal

what are the advantages of laser hair removal. 1.Its 100 percent safe.It doesnt have any side effects. can achieve excellent results with no pigmentation unlike waxing threading or electrolysis. 3.its a 5 minute fast procedure. 4.its virtually painless. can do a whole body in just 30 minutes!!! 6.Efficient in all skin kinds and types. And results give permanent hair reduction.

Congratulate India on the series win

It was a pleasure to see Doni finish off the inings in style.So funny to hear Manjerekar say maybe kohli should send a msg to dhoni indicating he should accelerate when another commentator said Dhoni has played enough matches to know that.Kohli will never send across such a message to Dhoni! great win and hats off to Dhoni! #kkrisskincare#Dhoni#kohli#cricket#lasers#drrah#chalakudy#kerala#topdoc#drrahul#cosmetology

Happy newyear!

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Why not Botox

Botox injections is one of the safest procedures in cosmetology when done by a professional doctor preferably a dermatologist and very safe.It reduces lines of motion.U can instantly reduce your age by 10 years!

Instalation as Dasil nominating committe board member.

It was an honour today to take charge as DASIL nominating committe board member after winning the elections globally for 2018! It was conducted among dasil member across the world.Feel honoured to be a part of this association and also proud to an Indian holding this position.

In the city center , beautiful statue outside the Pink house, the government equivalent of white house in Buenos aires.Statue of General Belgrano considered their main liberator in Independance struggle and fight. # travel notes#kkris#drrahul#skinspecialist#cosmetologist

DASIL- Beunos Aires

Its finally great to be in Beunos aires after a 13 hour flight from london..beautiful place and looking forward to DERMATOLOGY AND AESTHETIC SURGERY INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE ANNUAL MEET.I will be co chairing and speaking along with internationally renowned plastic surgeon and dermatologists around the globe. #kkrisskincare#cosmetologist#dermatologist#bestdoctor#beunosaires#argentina#skin#doctor