Back to India,glad to be a proper MD-Dermatologist!

It was great talking in Paris .I have been priviledged to talk about Dermatology and Cosmetology subjects on various international podiums.I woundnt want any young dermatologists to forget the fact that they are dermatologists first.I see a trend on young doctors taking up some course in Cosmetology which has no recognition in India and calling themselves Cosmetic Dermatologists!!or lets say these long distance online courses from some fancy university stating MSC Dermatology!! I mean..whats??MSc?? Dermatology is a 3 year course where u study in a university in a department where u do training under a senior professor and present a thesis..pass various exams,practicals,vivas,case discussion,journal club,spotters,pathology slides…etc to just name a few..and how can these people call themselves dermatologists when all they have done is attended a 2 day course! I pity the scenario in India where there is no regulations in this matter,atleast i hope the patients have enough common sense to know the qualification of the doctor treating them.

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