Champions league

Two boring matches in champions league yesterday.Barcelona draw Lyon 0-0 and Liverpool draw Dortmund 0-0.. sleep gone! only thing that happened 😁. #champions league#kkrisskincare#drrahulo#dr_rahul_pillai#best_dermatologist_in_kerala#best_dermatologist_in_thrissur#best_dermatologist_in_kochi#best_skin_specialist_in_thrissur#best_skin_specialist_in_kochi#laser#peel#botox#filler#skin_whitening


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Laser peel,Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing or laser peel is a method where with a fractional laser the upper layer of your skin is resurfaced to improve your skin turnover, remove the dead cells, improve skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles and also your skin complexion.Its a safe and very efficiant method with no side effects.

Back to India,glad to be a proper MD-Dermatologist!

It was great talking in Paris .I have been priviledged to talk about Dermatology and Cosmetology subjects on various international podiums.I woundnt want any young dermatologists to forget the fact that they are dermatologists first.I see a trend on young doctors taking up some course in Cosmetology which has no recognition in India and calling themselves Cosmetic Dermatologists!!or lets say these long distance online courses from some fancy university stating…

Top dermatologist in kerala

It was an honour to be among the 4 Doctors invited from India to speak at international masters course of ageing science in paris .3 were dermatologists, and one was a plastic surgeon.Dr.Rahul Pillai is the only doctor from south india invited this year for the event as the other 3 were from Mumbai and Delhi.

talk in paris

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Great to a be a speaker at imcas paris!

Its an honour to be the only Dermatologist to be ever invited as speaker and faculty at imcas paris which is the biggest aesthetic event in the world with over 10000 delagates and 700 faculty from 130 countries across the world